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15 things that make me happy

I got tagged by dafthobbit

  1. My family
  2. My best friend
  3. Long trips on trains
  4. Cotton candy
  5. Kittens
  6. Favourite music+favourite headphones
  7. When songs on shuffle match your mood
  8. Lucid dreams
  9. Long letters
  10. Birds
  11. Reading
  12. Good fanfiction *wink wink
  13. Speaking foreign languages
  14. Walking around new cities
  15. Coming home from long journeys

I tag my best friend witty-lizzy :)

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InSomnia - An RPG Set in a Brutal Dieselpunk Universe


First post on Tumblr. Hello, world! It’s Xinnie and RAE here. Hope you’ll like our art. Have a nice day! 

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